With so many career choices how do you ever decide what’s right for you?  You’ll want to first figure out what you like and what you’re good at.


Start a list. Following are some suggestions of what to include:

Classes I like in school
Activities I like (ex. music, reading, dance, building things, cooking with parents, computer games, etc.)
I like being indoors
I like being outside
I like getting up early in the morning.
I like staying up late at night.
I like helping people
I like to solve problems
I like to research and find answers
I like being around other kids
I like quiet time to think
I like animals (list any specific kinds)
I like gazing at the stars
I like looking at the ground
I like to be in charge
I like swimming


Write down what you’re good at. Some examples might include:

Working with other kids
Working on computers
Building things
Talking with people
Cleaning up my room

Getting a good idea of what you like and what you’re good at will give you a HUGE start in exploring the types of careers that are right for you. Not everyone likes math and that’s okay. But if you find you don’t like working with numbers, you probably don’t want to be an accountant, that’s a person whose job it is to work with numbers all day long. If you don’t like writing, you probably can rule out a job as a copywriter whose job is to write.

Once you get an idea of you like and what you’re good at, use the links under WEBSITES to begin exploring what careers might be a good match.




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