10 Reasons to Explore Nontraditional Careers

A nontraditional occupation is defined by the U.S. Department of Labor as an occupation where men or women compromise 25 percent of total employment.

engineerExamples of some nontraditional occupations for women include: engineer, scientist, auto mechanic, electrician, aircraft pilot, and computer programmer.


nurseExamples of some nontraditional occupations for men include: executive secretary, nurse, human resources, teacher, dental hygienist, and massage therapist.


Why consider a career in a nontraditional field:

1. You found your dream job. In an earlier post I mentioned that happiness should be the number one criteria in picking any career. It doesn’t matter if the position is categorized as nontraditional; if you’re going to be happy spending 10 hours a day doing the job…go for it.
2. Data supports that in some cases entering a job in a nontraditional field can warrant higher wages.
3. Be a trail blazer and a spokesperson for your career. Mentor other girls/boys to join you on the journey.
4. Nontraditional careers give you an opportunity to grow in ways you may never have thought possible and to accomplish tasks you didn’t think you could.
5. You will always be in demand. Businesses are quick to employ workers in nontraditional fields.
6. If college isn’t for you, not all nontraditional fields require a four year degree.
7. Because businesses are looking to employ girls/boys in nontraditional roles you’ll be more likely to be supported to succeed.
8. Empowerment from a job well done in a nontraditional occupation.
9. Nontraditional careers promote the development of technical skills.
10. Data supports choosing a career based on skills and abilities and not on gender promotes greater rewards and job satisfaction.

Use the links under ‘Websites’ to research careers in nontraditional occupations.

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