Citizen Science

Citizen science is where kids and adults of all ages and abilities volunteer to assist professional scientists in their research. From monitoring bird migration, to tracking the timing when plants leaf, to identifying new galaxies in space, citizens scientists are at work all over the globe collecting data.

There are hundreds of projects across the nation and in your own back yard aiding real scientists in studying real issues.

Projects like….

Become a plant observer…bud

Phenology is the study of the timing when biological events occur such as when plants leaf, fruit, or blossom. Scientists who study phenology study the effect changes in seasons and climate have on the timing of these events. To see how you can help check out Project BudBurst.


Become a cloud watcher…cloud

Aid NASA scientists with observing clouds and learn how they affect the Earth’s systems at Students’ Cloud Observations


starBecome a night sky light observer….

Do you see stars or only city lights when you look out your door at night? Did you know you can measure the brightness of a night sky? The Globe At Night project will show you how and tell you why it’s important to keep our stars visible.


Curious how your canine went from the wild to being a pet…dog

Check out Darwin’s Dogs and help scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical school find out how.


butterflyHave you ever chased a butterfly…

Join The North American Butterfly Association to help monitor their populations.



Search the internet for citizen science projects in your area.

Below are links to some of the fun projects nationwide.

Project BudBurst
Disk Detective
Be A Martian
Rock Around The World
My NASA Data
Soil Collection
Migratory Dragonfly Partnership
Scientific American
National Geographic
Greatest Backyard Bird Count
National Wildlife Federation

Click here for a list of other Citizen Science projects.

What better way to have FUN and EXPLORE a career in science.

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