Summer Camps – 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend


Summer Camp

1. Camps make Learning Fun!

Camps give kids the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and without the pressure of being graded. Activities are structured to be fun learning experiences.

2. Camps provide Hands On Experience!

Camps give kids the opportunity to obtain hands on experience in a career field they’ve shown interest in. There are numerous camps that are focused on engineering, science, business, robotics, arts, writing, medicine and plenty more career specific fields. If your kid doesn’t know what they want to be yet, these camps are a great way to start testing out different career fields.

3. Camps teach Teamwork!

Camps give kids the experience of working in teams. Success in any career field depends not only on skill in the field but the ability to work with people.

4. Camps provide Global Interaction!

Many camps are truly a global experience as they include participants from around the world. Let’s face it we are living in a global economy. The earlier kids are introduced to other cultures the greater their chance for success in a global world.

5. Camps teach Perseverance!

Even in camp, some projects will succeed, some will fail. Kids will learn how to deal with everyday challenges many workers face on their jobs during the creation process and how to persevere when obstacles are encountered.

6. Camps teach Confidence & Self-esteem!

Working in teams and even being a team leader will help boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem. In addition kids will gain confidence when challenging themselves in activities at levels beyond the classroom and without the pressure of being graded.

7. Camps teach Independence!

Meeting new friends and being in a new location will help your kid to start becoming comfortable with making decisions on their own while still having experienced leaders to help guide them.

8. Camps provide Mental Stimulation!

Challenging activities teach your child the process of using critical thinking skills to solve problems.

9. Camps allow for success with Change!

New routines, new friends, new locations, and new ways of learning help your child become more comfortable with working with and accepting change.

10. Camps Build Life-Long Friendships!

Camps are where many life-long friendships are formed. Kids stay in touch and as they move on in their careers they have a network of friends to call on for support.

For a list of over 2,000 summer camps click here: CAMPS

There are summer camps in your area, nationwide, and internationally. Check out your local universities for summer programs as well as park & rec departments.

Happy Camping!

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