April 28 Take Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Every parent who has the opportunity should participate in Daughters and Sons to Work Day and here’s why:

Your child will…

1. Be exposed to the work environment. They’ll get to see your work space, your computer, where you eat, conference rooms, labs, and the inner workings of a business. Seeing where you work can help your child begin to understand what it means when you say you have to go to work. They’ll be able to picture exactly where you’re going.

2. Be exposed to different departments within a business such as human resources, accounting, engineering, and other departments they might not know are possibilities for careers.

3. Have a chance to participate in programs your company has sponsored for the day.

4. Meet kids of your co-workers.

5. Be exposed to a new location and meet new kids in a new setting outside of school. The more unique situations your child becomes exposed to as they grow and the more new people they meet will help them become more confident in handling new settings as they grow.

6. Learn what your company does. Many companies provide tours.

7. Get a learning opportunity outside of school.

Gives you the chance to…

1. Brag on your kids.

2. Spend some quality bonding time with your kids.

3. Start educating your child how working is connected to receiving a paycheck.

Parents check with the human resources department at your company to see if your company participates in Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If they do, use this parents checklist for planning. If your company doesn’t participate consider discussing the benefits of doing so. Here’s a Bright Ideas Guide you can share with your company.

Kids  click here  to find out how to make the most of spending the day with your parent at work.

Teachers click here here for a teacher’s toolkit.

If you don’t have a child click here to see how you can become a mentor.

Let’s give our children a voice as they grow and become the workforce of the future.

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