10 Reasons Your Kid should Participate in Competitions


Each year there are lots of competitions held for K-12 students around the globe. The competitions can focus on science, engineering, technology, writing, arts and more.

Here’s why your kid should enter:


  1. Millions of dollars in scholarships are awarded each year.
  2. Kids have a chance to mingle with other kids from all over the world at many of the competitions. Learning to speak up and to communicate with kids from other cultures is super beneficial in this rapidly expanding global economy.
  3. Kids will network and work with some of the brightest professionals in the field.
  4. Participating in competitions is a great activity to put on a future resume and will give you kid a better opportunity for getting into a school of their choice and future employment.
  5. Kids will begin building a list of contacts of professionals along with other like-minded kids that can help them as they progress in their careers.
  6. Kids will not only be learning skills in a particular field but they will also be learning leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, too.
  7. Kids will enrich their self-esteem and confidence by seeing a project through to completion.
  8. It’s fun!
  9. Competitions are a great way for kids to explore future career options.
  10. If your kid wins and even if they don’t doors will open for them that might not have been possible. Some kids have received seed money to start a business while other kids have gone on to sell their artworks to help fund college.

Click here for a list of some of the competitions held each year. To find others, check with your school counselor, or science teacher, and with your local universities.


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