Entrepreneur – 10 Signs Your Kid Might Be One



In an article first published by Teresa Palagano on the Ballooning Nest Eggs blog, New York Times best selling author Grant Cardone has studied entrepreneurs for the past 25 years and has identified 10 traits of budding entrepreneurs.

Those traits are:

1. Hates the Status Quo. Your child doesn’t believe in the reason behind doing something just because it’s always been done that way.

2. Bores Easily. Your child needs to be challenged to stay engaged.

3. Gets Fired A Lot. Basically means your child doesn’t play well in the sandbox only because she doesn’t like following another person’s rules.

4. Is Labeled a Rebel. Your child believes rules are guidelines to be negotiated.

5. Resists Authority. Your child resists you being the boss.

6. Is Ready to Improve Everything. Your child is constantly coming up with ideas on how to improve everything.

7. Doesn’t Believe in Small Talk. Idle talk bores them.

8. Gets Bullied. Kid entrepreneurs don’t follow the pack and because they’re different they get picked on a lot.

9. Is Obsessive. Your child starts something new and doesn’t stop until she’s mastered it.

10. Has Difficulty Relaxing. It’s hard for your child to turn their mind off when they go to bed.

Cardone cautions parents of kids that show these traits from parenting them back into the “norm.” “Why not leave them alone and see what happens?” asks Cardone.

To see the full article click here.

If you already know that your TEEN is an entrepreneur following are some options on how to help them blossom:

Option #1  –  Catapult is a start-up incubator for high school students who either already have a product idea or who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. At Catapult, high school students participate in a 3 month session and learn from professionals how to launch a start-up.

Option # 2 – Watson University is a new model for a university focused on providing a place for students to accelerate ideas that will shape the future. Students ranging in age from 18 – 23 are instructed by the world’s foremost leaders including a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace price and one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

Option #3 – Following is a list of competitions for budding entrepreneurs:

U Pitch Competition & Showcase
Conrad Challenge
The Hult Prize
Rice Business Plan Competition
New York Young Entrepreneur Challenge
International Business Machine Challenge
MIT Clean Energy Challenge
Dell Social Innovation Challenge
Youth Innovation Challenge

The future is in the hands of our children. Their ideas will create the jobs for tomorrow. It’s up to all of us to help our kids succeed!

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