Treasure Hunting to Build Skills

treasure hunt

Looking for something fun and different to do for the summer?

Try a treasure hunt!

1. Hide/Find a Book

Book Crossing provides a fun way for you to find and share books. First, register your book and get a specific identifying number and then complete one of the on-line labels and attach it to your book. Then you have a few different options to share the book. The controlled way to share your book is to give it away to a friend or stranger. You can release your book into the wild by leaving it anywhere it is likely to be picked up such as a coffee shop, bus station, shopping mall, etc. Be creative and come up with your own idea for sharing your book. Maybe start a book club, book ring, or book box. Once your book has been released and another reader picks it up, the reader goes on-line, inputs the identifying number and then provides journal entries related to your book.

Currently over seven million books are registered and are traveling in over 130 different countries.

2. Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting activity where people use a GPS device to find hidden containers. Inside the containers are little trinkets and a logbook. Treasure hunters encouraged to take one of the trinkets and/or leave something behind. Once you log that you’ve found the container, you return everything to its hiding place for the next treasure hunter to find and then go on-line and share your experience.

3. Letterboxing

Letterboxing is a treasure hunt where you search for hidden boxes. Each box contains a log book and a unique rubber stamp many of which have been hand carved. Treasure hunters, armed with ink pads and note pads locate the hidden boxes and swap stamps. Treasure hunters stamp their note pads with the stamp inside the box and then leave behind their personal identifying stamp in the log book that’s provided.

Currently there are over 90,000 letter boxes hidden around North America.

4. Links  to Treasuring Hunting ideas

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Treasure hunting is a good way to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem by giving them a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention it’s just plain fun!

Happy Hunting!

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