10 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Looking For a Job Even After the Interview

The day finally arrives when you’ve been invited on site for the interview. Everything is going great. You practiced your response to interview questions the day before and you’re nailing them now. Even better, you’re picking up on the vibe they like you, too. When they walk you to the door the recruiter shares that you’re going to get an offer.

Great! Now you can stop the job search. Right?


Following are actual situations that took place after the applicant completed a great interview and the company thought they were going to hire them:

1. The company lost the project and put hiring on hold.
2. The company announced poor earnings and put a hiring freeze on.
3. The next person who interviewed was even better and they got the offer.
4. You can’t come to an agreement on the salary.
5. The company decided not to hire the position.
6. The company decided to hire the position in a different location.
7. The hiring manager changed and interviews had to start all over.
8. You have to go back in at least two more times to interview.
9. The position got put on hold.
10. The company was only interviewing to build up a portfolio of candidates.

And there’s another reason to keep looking. You might happen to stumble upon and even better job.

Finally, here’s another point to keep in mind why you should continue the search. If you stop looking and wait for the offer that doesn’t come, you’ll have lost a week or more and it’ll be like starting your search all over again from the beginning.

When is it acceptable to stop searching for a job?

Stop only after you have ACCEPTED the job offer.

Hang in there!

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