3 Questions You Should Always Ask At The End Of An Interview

I was always amazed at the close of an interview when the hiring manager asked the applicant if they had any questions and the applicant declined to ask anything.

Asking questions at the end of an interview gives you the opportunity to seal the deal. Remember you want the job. You’ve just spent the last hour or possibly the last five hours explaining to everyone why you’re the best person for the job. Aren’t you even a little curious if the interviewers like you as much as you do them?

Even if you don’t have any questions about the job or the company, you should always ask the following three questions.

Do you have any concerns over what I’ve shared regarding my experience as it relates to being the best qualified for the job?

Asking this question gives you one more chance to explain why you’re the best qualified. On many occasions I’ve sat in interview wrap-up sessions with the hiring team and discovered they still had questions regarding something the applicant said. Sometimes I was asked to follow-up with the applicant but sometimes if there was another equally qualified applicant in the mix, the hiring team decided to move forward with that applicant. I’ve also participated in interviews where the applicant asked this question. A couple of members of the hiring team expressed their concerns. The applicant was able to better explain their experience and in the end they received the job offer.

What is your time-line for hiring the position?

The answer to this question will give you an idea where the hiring manager is in the process of filling the position. You might be the first applicant interviewed in which case it could be a couple of months before they make a decision. If you’re the last applicant interviewed, it could only be a couple of weeks before they make a decision. You might also discover that you’ll need to return for a follow-up interview at a later date.

When should I except to hear from you?

If you’re actively interviewing and you receive an offer from another company, you’ll have an idea of whether you can wait for a decision from the one company or if you’ll need to accept the offer.

Even though I suggest asking more questions, sometimes there may not be time. No matter what find the time to ask these three questions, even if you’re being escorted to the door. If there’s time for only one question ask the first one regarding any concerns the interview team might have. You may never get another chance to sell yourself to the team.

Best of luck with the interview!

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