True or False – Always Negotiate Your Salary

Over the years I’ve heard many reasons why applicants didn’t negotiate their salary. I’ve listed some of those reasons below and responded in a true or false fashion whether the reason has any validity.

Concern That the Company Might Get Mad and Rescind the Offer


If any company does get mad then I would think twice about accepting the offer because it might be an indication that the company isn’t interested in hearing what you have to say. The company should always be willing to listen. If they do rescind the offer because you wanted to negotiate, count it as a blessing.

I Don’t Know How Much to Ask For


If you haven’t done your homework on the market price of the job then you shouldn’t negotiate. You’ll want to provide a sound justification why you are asking for more money.

I Didn’t Think I Was Worth More

Really? False

Don’t let the company hear you say that or they might cut your pay – just kidding. Listen up, you have skills and you have value to that company or they wouldn’t be hiring you. As with everything, there is an equitable price to be paid. Do your homework and find out if the company’s offer is in line with the market price for the job. If you know you have a hot skill-set then you have all the more bargaining power. Now repeat after me – I Am Worth It!

I Was Afraid to Ask For More


This is probably the single biggest reason why applicants don’t negotiate their salary. Let me ask you this, when you bought your house did you negotiate the price? Or when you purchased your car, did you pay full price? Probably not on both accounts, why? Most likely the market price was different so you did your homework and felt comfortable negotiating on both accounts. Negotiating your salary isn’t any different. Do your homework and you might be surprised at the results.

Bottom line, the answer to the question, ‘should you always negotiate your salary’ is true.

Keep in mind the simple principle if you don’t ask you won’t receive. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? The company might say no.

What if they say yes?

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