Best Months to Look for a Job

Over the 20 years that I’ve been in recruiting, I’ve noticed there’s a pattern to when companies tend to hire and when they tend to slow down.

Here’s what I’ve found to be true:


A new year has begun and recruiters and hiring managers are fresh off vacations and ready to move. If you were interviewing at the end of the year, prepare for the company to move fast with final decisions. If you were thinking about changing jobs, now would be a great time to make a move.


Companies are finalizing projects to work on for the year and are busy analyzing available resources. Don’t slack on the job hunt now because companies are adding additional headcount to make sure they meet their deadlines.


For companies that do business on a calendar year, March signifies the end of the first quarter. Hiring managers are quick to use up the remaining funding they’ve budgeted for personnel so keep pressing forward with your job search.


Companies will slow the hiring a bit to wait for first quarter earnings to be reported. If earnings are good, hiring will pick up again toward the end of the month. If earnings are marginal, hiring could be kept to only essential personnel.


Hiring managers will want to get their positions filled before summer. This is great news for you. So step up your job search and polish those interviewing skills.


Except for hospitality and tourist related jobs, overall hiring will start to slow down toward mid to end of the month. If you’ve already interviewed, this is a great time for you to follow-up with the recruiter on the status of the position. They might let you know the hiring manager won’t make a decision until after they return from vacation.


This seems to be the month for vacations. Don’t get down if you leave messages and don’t hear back. Plan to take a break yourself. You’ve been working hard looking for a job up to this point. Reward yourself with a mini vacation. You’ll be refreshed for when that call comes.


Once kids return to school and hiring managers settle back into their work routine, hiring will pick up. Managers will want to get new personnel on board and trained for fall projects.


This is one of the busiest months for hiring. Hiring managers are back from vacations, rested, and ready for the push to complete those projects before the end of the year. You’ll be glad that you hit the job search hard during this month.


Don’t let up now because October is another busy month for hiring. There’s a push to get new personnel on board before the end of the year. Hiring managers definitely want to spend any remaining budget they had allocated for personnel. This is a good time to network with those professional associations for job openings.


The first part of November is still busy, but hiring will slow down toward the end of the month. Depending on whether the company is on track to meet projected earnings, hiring could come to a halt. The one exception will be retail. They’ll be a surge in hiring in retail based on projections for Holiday shopping.


They’ll be a final push to get positions filled during the first couple of weeks of December. Toward the end of the month hiring will slow down. Some companies even shut down operations during the last week of the month. This is a perfect time for you to start planning the companies you’re going to target at the first of the year.

That dream job is waiting for you!

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