4 Reasons To Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

If you haven’t seen your resume in the last few months it’s time to get it out and dust it off. Okay, so you might say something like ‘Why? I’m not looking for another job.’

You don’t have to be looking for a job in order to keep your resume up-to-date. The worst time to be working on your resume is when you need it. The best time to work on your resume is when you already have a job and here’s why.

You’ll have a better idea of the projects you’re working on and their results.

How many times have you gone to update your resume when you really needed to and you spent hours trying to figure out what you accomplished at your last job? If this hasn’t happened to you yet – it will! Pop those projects and accomplishments on your resume as soon as you complete them and you’ll thank yourself later.

You never know when that dream job will come along.

What if tomorrow you hear about this really great job? You know the job that you’ve ALWAYS wanted. There’s just one catch. You only have a couple of days to get your resume in. Will you be ready? You will if you’re taking the time to keep your resume up-to-date while you’re working.

For your own benefit of knowing how much you do.

You may decide never to apply to another job because you’re already in your dream job. That’s great. You still need to keep your resume up-to-date for those times when you ask yourself, ‘Am I really making a difference?’ Pull that resume out and look at all your accomplishments. You’ll probably be amazed at everything you’ve done.

Use as justification for that next raise or promotion.

When it’s performance appraisal time and your boss asks what you’ve accomplished since the last review, all you’ll need to do is pull out your resume. Your boss might be so impressed with everything you’ve done, he/she might give you that big raise or promotion you’ve been eyeing.

Don’t worry about formatting, fonts, spelling or punctuation. Just take the time to add a one liner description related to the project and then don’t forget to go back and add the corresponding result. Later, when you’re working on the final resume, you’ll at least have information already listed to jog your memory.

So get that resume out and get it up-to-date but maybe not on work time.

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