3 Reasons Why A Professional Association Can Get You Your Next Job

What I’ve learned over the twenty years I’ve been in recruiting is that there is an association for just about any profession. If you do a little internet research I have little doubt you’ll find a professional association or society that meets you needs.

Why should you care?

Because if you’re looking for a job there’s a high probability you’ll find it if you get involved with a professional association.

Here’s why:

Members Have Similar Skills

Associations normally consist of professionals with skill sets that are equivalent to your own. What better way to network than with a group of your peers. In addition, these professionals are in the know regarding the availability of jobs within their companies and can get your resume in front of a hiring manager.

Recruiters Target Professional Associations

Recruiters are always on the hunt for places where professionals with similar skills hang out in order to advertise their positions. You’ll often find recruiters attending professional association meetings looking for you.

Association Job Boards

Many professional associations host their own job board. Reviewing these boards is a great time saver in searching for jobs in your profession.

Even if you’re not searching for a job right now, professional associations can also be a way for you to stay-up-to-date with what’s going on in your profession, pick-up some continuing education in your field, and help you get that certification you’ve been missing in order to get that promotion.

You’re dream job might be waiting for you in a professional association.

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