5 Signs You Might Be Ready For A Promotion

Have you ever wondered what it might take to get a promotion? Here are five signs that might help you decide if you’re ready.

Are you a master at your job?

Do you know you your job backwards and forwards? Are you considered a subject matter expert in your job such that people are coming to you to ask questions? If so and you’re actually getting bored with your work it might be time for you to take on another challenge and progress to the next level in your job or perhaps even consider a new position.

Are you mentoring other workers?

Have you taken the responsibility for training new team members away from your boss? Or even taken on other projects to help your boss? Once you start taking on additional job duties, especially taking work away from your boss, it might be time for that promotion. You’re showing your boss you’re capable of doing more.

Do you see a bigger picture?

When you start a new job you’re so concerned about learning it that you don’t really focus on how your job fits into the bigger picture. But once you’ve been working for a few years then you do start seeing the bigger picture and have an understanding of how you’re contributing. If you’re at a point where you’re offering up ways to improve processes that effect the bigger picture, it might mean it’s time for that promotion.

You are consistently rated as a high performer.

If your boss continually rates you as a high performer on your annual performance reviews, what they’re really saying is that you’re a valued member of the team and they can’t afford to lose you. It’s time to start talking to your boss regarding what’s next.

You have a reputation of being a team player.

If your peers and co-workers all feel that you’re a great person to work with and that you’re consistently doing what it takes to help the team succeed it also could be time to take on more responsibility. More responsibility normally means the need to partner with other members in the organization. If you’re already seen as being a nice person to work with then you’re setting yourself up to succeed in the new job.

The best way to find out if you’re ready for the next step is to have a conversation with your boss. Your boss can give you pointers on possible promotion opportunities and what skills you’ll still need to acquire, or if they think you’re ready now.

Keep in mind that sometimes being promoted might mean moving to a different department inside the company or don’t overlook the fact that you might need to leave the company.

Promotions are a good way to continue to grow and learn more skills as you progress in your career. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to move up to be promoted either. Sometimes taking a lateral promotion can be just as rewarding.

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