Achievements On The Resume

AchievementsThe most important section on any resume is the achievement section. This is the section that will set you apart from everyone else who applied to the job. Your achievements reflect that you are the best qualified for the position.

Here’s how you can list your achievements on your resume to WOW the recruiter and hiring manager.


Match Your Achievements to the Job Description

You don’t want to overwhelm the recruiter will all the achievements you’ve acquired at each one of your jobs. Instead, match your achievements to the job responsibilities listed on the job description. By matching your achievements to the job the recruiter can see that you have experience in the areas they want along with an explanation of how you improved processes, reduced costs, implemented best practices, etc. Don’t bother listing achievements that don’t have anything do with the job you’re applying to; even if you’re very proud of them. At this point you want your resume to get selected for an interview. Once you get the interview you can bring up other achievements.

List More Achievements than Responsibilities

Listing responsibilities only informs the recruiter that you were assigned that particular task. It doesn’t let the recruiter or hiring manager know that you actually performed the responsibility. That’s what achievements do. They inform the reader that not only were you assigned that responsibility but that you accomplished something related to it. That’s why it’s important to list more achievements than responsibilities. What I recommend is listing 3-5 responsibilities that match the job description. Then list double the number of achievements.

Use Action Verbs

To engage the reader, be sure and use action verbs as you describe your achievements. You wouldn’t want to read a book where the main character sat all the time, would you? Keep in mind that recruiters read hundreds of resume every day. You want them to stop on yours and read it. Action verbs will grab their attention and invite them to keep reading.

Quantify Your Achievements

It’s more impressive to read that you increased revenue by 30% than just to read that you increase revenue. Attaching quantifiable results to your achievements will get attention.


Finally, here’s a tip, the best way to track your achievements is while you have your job. It’s always more difficult to remember everything you accomplished after you leave a job. While you’re working, you know the projects you’re involved in and the results. As you complete each project, pop it on your resume. You’ll be glad you did later.

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