Where Recruiters Are Searching For You #careeradvice

Where Recruiters Search

With hundreds of job boards, social media sites, not to mention company websites, how do you even begin to know where to post your resume and look for a job?

Believe it or not, recruiters feel the same way when they’re handed a new job to work on. There are hundreds of places where they can look for you. Most of the time their search is limited by two factors: timing and funding.

Recruiters are under pressure from the hiring manager to fill their positions fast. Time-to-fill is a key performance metric in many recruiting departments. Often the recruiter’s performance rating is based on being able to fill a job within so many days.

Funding also plays a part in where recruiters look. Recruiting departments at some of the largest companies have large budgets to cast a wide net looking for professionals. While many of the medium to small companies have limited funding so they have to use their money wisely.

Due to timing and funding, recruiters have to get creative how they go about finding you. Basically this means that recruiters need to look in places that have the largest concentration of like-kind professionals with the skill sets they’re looking for.

Based on my 20 years in recruiting, following are three strategies recruiters employ to expedite finding you:

Professional Associations

There is a professional association for just about any profession today. What better place to recruit than from within an association of individuals who all have the same skill sets. Recruiters will use associations to post jobs, search resumes, and network with local chapters. Many companies may even attend national conferences.

Click here to get a list of over 100 Professional Associations that have job boards.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular tools for recruiters to use. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to be. Recruiters will use LinkedIn to conduct keyword searches for specific skill sets, join professional groups in order to broadcast their jobs, post jobs, and search for the passive professional in like-kind industries.

Career Specific Job Boards

These are job boards that represent specific skill sets or a career fields. Recruiters will post their jobs and search the resume databases that these job boards provide.

Following is an example of career specific job boards:

Medzilla – jobs in biotech, healthcare, pharma, and medical science.
JobsInLogistics –  jobs in logistics and supply chain.
JobsInManufacturing – jobs in manufacturing including plant management, quality control, material management, engineering, and more.
EnvironmentalCareerJobs – jobs working in the outdoors to include renewable energy, environmental law, program managers, and more.
ConservationBiology – jobs working in education, consulting, government, aquariums, and more.
ClearanceJobs – jobs requiring a security clearance.
ITPro – jobs related to the informational technology field.
Dice – jobs related to technology to include engineering, software, information technology, and more.
UXJobsBoard – jobs in the UX (user experience) field including designers, architects, content designers, and more.

So make your search more productive by focusing your efforts in these three areas. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll find that next position

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