The Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet – Your Lifeline to Getting the Job #careertips

Job Tracking SpreadsheetIf you’re in the middle of looking for a job, you know there are hundreds of job boards to search through for that perfect position in addition to individual company websites. As you begin your search and start applying to jobs you start seeing some of the same jobs over and over. You ask yourself, ‘did I already apply?’  You don’t remember so you apply again.

That’s where the Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet comes in. It’s your lifeline to getting the job.

Here’s why:

Tracks Every Job You Apply To

From customizing the cover letter and resume to completing the on-line application it takes a lot of time applying to one job. The last thing you want to do is apply to the same job twice when you should have been spending your time searching and applying to a new job. That’s why it’s important to track every job you apply to on the Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet. You’ll be better able to use your time efficiently applying to new jobs and you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve already applied to a particular job.

Builds Your Network

As you interview, you’ll want to log everyone you’ve met at that company from the recruiter to the hiring manager, to the entire interviewing team. Whether or not you get the job, you’ve met professionals that can become part of your future network. Log the names and their contact information on the spreadsheet and then make it a point to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Practice Interview Questions

Every time you have an interview, you’ll want to log the questions you were asked on your Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet. Then log your responses, too. This will give you the opportunity to improve on your answers. Your list of questions will become the tool you can use to prepare for all your future interviews.

Shows Your Progress

Searching for a job can sometimes be lonely, frustrating, and time consuming. If you ever get down on yourself because you haven’t landed that job yet, look at your spreadsheet. Recognize that you are putting a lot of effort into getting the job and pat yourself on the back. Know you’ll have that new job soon.

CLICK HERE for your free copy of a Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet.

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