How to Safely Search for a Job While You Have a Job. #careeradvice

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You’ve made the decision that it’s time to look for another job. Sometimes it can be tricky searching for another job while you’re still employed especially if you don’t want your current employer to find out.

If you start posting your resume everywhere a recruiter at your current company might happen across your resume while they’re actively searching the internet for other professionals to fill their jobs. Some companies will even purposefully search to see if any of their employees are actively looking. It’s very easy using a Boolean search string with your name, job title, or name of your company in it to discover employees who might be looking for another job.

Here are some TIPS on how to keep your job search confidential:

Listing Your Current Company on Your Resume

Some job seekers prefer to write “Company Confidential” in place of the actual name of the company. With the use of social media search capabilities today, recruiters can still find out where you’re working. Not only that, but listing your company in this manner doesn’t tell a recruiter why you wanted the name of your company confidential. Try this instead. List the name of the company and then next to it put the following: (confidential job search.)

By stating that you’re conducting a confidential job search you’re alerting any recruiters who happen to look at your resume to the fact that no one should contact anyone at your company for a reference. Sometimes if hiring managers and employees have friends working at the same company, they’ll ‘check a person out’ before contacting them.

Add Confidential Job Search to Your Cover Letter

Be sure to state in the first paragraph of your cover letter that you are conducting a confidential job search. This will alert recruiters and hiring managers so they don’t contact anyone at your company. If the recruiter knows you’re conducting a confidential job search they will be very diligent in alerting the hiring manager and other members of the interview team about your need for confidentiality.

Job Boards

Find out from the recruiters at your current company which job boards they use to find professionals with your skills. Once you know which ones they use, don’t post your resume on that particular job board. It’ll require a little more effort on your part searching and applying to individual jobs, but you’ll be safe from having the recruiter at your company confront you if they find your resume – or worse, inform your boss.


If you happen to be interviewing at a competitor or a company where you know your boss might have connections, let the recruiter know. There are ways to bring job seekers in for interviews to minimize the risk of you being seen. Recruiters can use interview rooms that are out of the mainstream, schedule interviews after hours, or even off-site.

The main difference searching for a job while you’re still employed is to inform everyone along the way that your job search is confidential. Hiring managers and recruiters are professionals and they will go out of their way to help you remain confidential.

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