3/50 Plan to Conduct Your Job Search #careertips


How many times have you looked for a job and found that you had a hard time figuring out what to do and when to do it? You started your job search and found a job that you’re qualified to do so you decided to apply. Only it’s taking you time to apply and you think that maybe you should be looking for other jobs. So you stop applying and start looking for other jobs. Or you’re working on your resume and you’re stressed because you know you should be applying. If you don’t apply, you won’t get the job.

You get more and more stressed and end up getting nothing done. By the end of the day you’ve only applied to one job, if that.

Good news! Here’s a plan that will help you stay focused during your job search. There are only 3 steps and each step consists of you spending 50 minutes focused on only one aspect of the job search.

Here’s how the 3/50 plan works.

Step 1 – The first 50 – The Job Search

Spend the first 50 minutes searching for jobs. Of the 50 minutes spend the first 40 minutes making a list of jobs. Be sure and print off each job description or save it to refer to later.

Pop the links to the jobs on a separate word doc or excel spreadsheet so you can quickly find the job again when it’s time to apply. Don’t concern yourself about your resume or applying right now.

Then, the last 10 minutes go back through the jobs on your list and select the top 5 that you’re qualified to do and that you want to do. So many times we apply to jobs that we can do but maybe don’t really want to do. Your list probably includes some of the ‘can do’ jobs. Now it’s time to weed them out.

Step 2 – The second 50 – Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

The next 50 minutes you’re going to spend customizing 5 different cover letters and 5 different resumes to match the top 5 jobs you’ve selected. For each job, review the job description for keywords and make sure those keywords are located somewhere on your resume. You’ll also need to make sure that the title of the job you’re going to apply to appears on your resume. Adding keywords to your resume and matching titles will ensure your resume will be found in a database search.

You’ll also want to make sure that each cover letter provides a snapshot of your qualifications.

For instructions and templates how to prepare your resume and cover letter CLICK HERE.

Step 3 – The third 50 – Apply to the Jobs

For the next 50 minutes, it’s time to return to the site where you found the job and apply. Make sure that you upload both your cover letter and resume. If the system will only allow one document, combine your resume and cover letter together and upload them as one document. If the company specifies they want you to provide both documents and you only upload your resume, you’re going to get screened out.

After you’ve uploaded your documents make sure you get confirmation that they were uploaded successfully. Many Applicant Tracking Systems, that’s the software that collects your documents, don’t all work alike. Sometime you think your documents have been uploaded – and they haven’t.

Finally, make sure you answer all the prescreening questions. Don’t put ‘see resume’ or you’ll get screened out. Recruiters use the prescreening questions to further narrow down their applicant pool. Providing well thought out responses to the questions will help ensure that your resume will get passed on to the hiring manager.

Follow this 3/50 plan and you’ll find that you’re more productive in your approach to searching for a new job – and less stressed!

Not only that but if you successfully apply to 5 jobs a day, you’ll be working before long.

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