Core Competencies and Interview Questions #careertips #careeropportunities



Many companies in addition to asking technical questions during the interview to gain an understanding of your technical knowledge will also ask questions related to specific competencies, or behaviors that they’ve identified as being critical to that particular position.

Human resource professionals work with hiring managers to identify at least five competencies that a person will need to exhibit in order to be successful in that particular position.

Once the competencies have been identified, recruiters will work with the hiring manager and develop interview questions related to the particular competencies. There are even software programs and manuals that companies can purchase that will suggest questions for particular competencies. Two of the biggest companies who specialize in this area are Korn Ferry and Lominger.

When preparing for the interview, check the job description for specific competencies. Below is an example of a job description where I’ve circled the keywords and added the corresponding competency.



Next, use the Core Competencies Interview Questions and Answers that I’ve developed to practice your responses. You can also type in ‘core competency interview questions’ in your favorite search engine and you’ll get plenty of help.

Finally, use the S.T.A.R technique when drafting your responses. This stands for:

S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Response

This is an easy format to organize your thoughts and communicate your responses clearly to the interviewers.

Don’t forget that it’s acceptable to write down your responses and refer to your notes during the interview. Sometimes it can be challenging to try and remember everything you want to convey.

Good – Luck!

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