Attributes Hiring Managers Want From College Graduates

college-gradsAccording to The National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook Survey for 2016, 80% of hiring managers surveyed responded that the number one attribute they want see on a graduate’s resume is leadership abilities.

Graduates, you’ll want to make sure to list any leadership skills you’ve acquired in college such as a leader of a professional organization, team project, sports team, debate group, etc. If you don’t have any collegiate leadership examples it’s acceptable to include any high school leadership skills such as holding a class officer position, team lead for dance, band, etc.

After leadership, 78.9% of hiring managers reported the ability to work in a team as being the next most critical attribute. Graduates, be sure to include any teams you participated on during your internships or as part of a class project on your resume as well. Don’t forget to mention if you were a lead on any of the teams, too.

Written communication skills were rated as the next critical attribute by 70.2% of hiring managers. Graduates, your writing skills will come through when you prepare your resume and cover letter so keep this in mind. After you’ve completed your resume, read it out loud for any confusing statements that might need to be modified and be sure to use grammar and spell check.

Rounding out the top five most critical attributes hiring managers want from college graduates include: problem solving skills (70.2%) and verbal communication skills (68.9%).

To see the full of attributes CLICK HERE.

For guidance what to include on your resume and cover letter CLICK HERE.

Graduates, see if you can address the top 10 attributes as you draft your resume and cover letter. If you can, it just might make the difference over your competition for the job.

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