Your Career Plan is Like a Google Map


How often do you use Google Maps or another map program for directions?  I know I use them at least two or three times a day. It’s so convenient and most of the time you don’t get lost. All you do is enter your starting point, define your destination, and then select the option to route you.  Your personalized map pops up with step by step directions on how to get to your destination.

That’s what your Career Plan is like, a map with step by step directions how to get to your destination – your career goal.

How do you know if you need a career map? Ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1: Are you satisfied where you are now in your career?

If you answered no, why not? When you define why you’re not satisfied you’ve established a career goal.  Developing a career plan will help you establish specific step by step instructions to take to accomplish your goal and achieve career satisfaction.

Question 2: Have you received a promotion in the last 3 years?

If you answered no and you think you should be promoted, your career plan will help you define specific actions to take that could possibly lead to your promotion.

Question 3:  Has your boss said that you are a vital person in the company?

If you answered no, your career plan will help you define how you can become a person that your company counts on.  Individuals that companies need are more inclined to be promoted.

Developing a plan for your career can…

  1. Allow you to develop new skills to keep you energized and help you avoid getting stuck in a slump.
  2. Allow you to take responsibility for your career advancement so you don’t get dissatisfied when you get overlooked for that promotion.
  3. Give you the satisfaction knowing you have a direction for your career.
  4. Say to your employer that you are interested in continuing to learn, grow and develop your skills.
  5. Help you determine if you’re in the right career field.

Keep your career plan simple and achievable. Set you goals, be persistent in your achievement of them, and don’t be deterred by setbacks.

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions how to create your own career plan.


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