How Often Should You Call the Recruiter

recruiterHave you had a phone interview with the recruiter or you’ve gone on site and interviewed and now you’re waiting to hear what’s next?  Should you call the recruiter?

Recruiters are extremely busy.  Normally they have anywhere from 20 – 30 and sometimes even more positions they’re working. On any given day they could be conducting phone interviews, on site interviews, reviewing resumes, advertising positions, and making offers.  Sometimes it can be difficult getting in touch with them.

Here’s my advice regarding contacting the recruiters.

If you were given guidance from the recruiter after the interview follow that advice.Hopefully you remembered to ask where the recruiter is in the process of hiring at the end of the interview.  If the company has just started the search it’s going to take some time for the other interviews to be completed.  It could be weeks before you hear anything. But if the time has passed when the recruiter said they would follow-up and you haven’t heard, it’s acceptable to contact the recruiter. In the conversation, it’s acceptable to ask the recruiter how often you could follow-up.

If you find yourself in the situation where you’ve received an offer from another company, contact the recruiter.  Recruiters appreciate you alerting them to another offer.  They’ll talk to the hiring manager and if you’re the candidate that the company wants, they just might extend you an offer, too. I’ve seen companies act very fast in these cases.

If it’s been a week since you interviewed and the recruiter never told you when you might hear something it’s acceptable to follow-up with the recruiter.

One thing, try not to contact the recruiter on a Monday or a Friday.  From experience, Mondays are extremely busy days.  Many times recruiters will schedule a lot of phone interviews or on site interviews on Mondays.  On Friday, hiring managers are trying to wrap their week up and they will provide feedback on candidates, interviews, as well as relaying information for any new positions that need to be opened up before the weekend.

Bottom line, recruiters don’t like to leave you hanging. Most of the time if you haven’t heard anything, the recruiter doesn’t know anything. Often times recruiters are just as frustrated not hearing anything from the hiring manager.

The best advice is to remain patient and continue your job search. Just because you thought the interview went well, never stop looking.  Even if the company said they are going to give you an offer, keep looking.  I’ve seen where hiring managers have let a candidate know they were the one and the position ended up getting canceled.



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