LinkedIn – Researching Companies



With all the mergers and acquisitions going on in the business world today in addition to the companies going out of business and those starting-up, it can be hard to know the companies in your area who may be hiring. Not all companies post their jobs on the various job boards. LinkedIn can be one tool  to use to conduct research on companies in your area.


Following are the steps you can use to find companies in your area.

Step 1 – Use the drop down from the search menu and select ‘company’ search.


Step 2 – Enter the ‘industry’ you are interested in finding companies. In the example below I’ve typed in ‘aerospace.’

Listed beneath the search box you’ll see the results. Notice there are over 24,000 companies listed. The search returned results from anywhere in the world. You’ll want to narrow your search to your area.


Step 3 – Notice the menu on the left of your screen. Here you can specify location, industry, and even the size of company.


Step 4 – Select the drop down for ‘Location.’ You can either select United States or under the “add” feature you can enter your specific location. If you select ‘Industry’ you can select ‘Aviation and Aerospace.’



Instead of using the menu on the side bar in the search box you can type in the industry then using the operator ‘AND’ you can specify the location. In the example below I’ve requested companies in Aerospace in the state of Colorado. Notice the results of this search returned 179 companies. This is a more manageable number to look through. You can either ‘follow’ the company, check to see if they have job postings under a career page, or go to their website to search for open positions.


Another way to research companies in LinkedIn is using the menu at the very bottom of the webpage. If you click on ‘companies’ Linked In provides a comprehensive listing of companies in different industries in various locations.



Next week I’ll cover how to use ‘Groups’ to locate a job. 

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