Best Places to Find Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Budget and Cash Management Jobs


If you are an accounting, finance, or cash management professional looking for a job I’ve put together a tool kit of the best places to look. Recruiters have to spend their time searching for candidates in places where there are the largest concentration of professionals with the skill sets they need to fill their jobs. I’ve done the homework for you and pulled together a listing of the places recruiters spend time looking for professionals in these fields.

Specifically the tool kit includes:

The Best Job Boards to Search

I’ve included a list of job boards specific to these professions and discuss why it’s also wise to use the major job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder, and Indeed.  In addition I provide the one job board that most companies use to post their jobs and is the least known job board to professionals.

Personalized Boolean Search Strings

Boolean search strings are basically commands typed into a search engine that use operators like AND, OR, and NOT, to let the power of the search engine find data across numerous platforms. Recruiters don’t have time to search all the job boards there are today. So they use Boolean search strings to locate resumes from anywhere on the internet. Boolean search strings can also be utilized to find jobs so you don’t have to sit and search one job board at a time. I’ve written personalized search strings that can be modified based on your individual job titles. In addition, I’ve provided a search string that can pull jobs from specific job boards. Boolean searches are one of the best tools to speed up your job search.

The Best Professional Associations

Recruiters spend a lot of time searching and networking with professional associations. I’ve provided a list of the professional associations in these fields that are not only great places to network but have job boards and resume databases. You’ll want to make sure that you get your resume into their systems. Locate a local chapter of the association that fits your skills and attend a meeting so you can network with other professionals who are working in the field.

The Best Staffing Firms

Staffing agencies can be another useful tool in find a job. Keep in mind that they won’t find you a job. They’ll represent you to their client, the company, only if you have the skills the company is searching for. I’ve provided a list of some of the staffing agencies that work in these fields. Search for some of the boutique firms that are local to you area, too. I’ve provide a list of ways that you can go about finding these boutique firms. In addition, I’ve provided the questions you need to ask before you let any agency represent you.

Ideas for Networking

Most jobs are located through networking opportunities. I provide you with a list of suggestions of where you can network. One of the biggest networking opportunities that most professionals don’t take advantage of when they’re looking for a job, is to alert their professional contacts to their job search.

How to put Social Media to work for you

LinkedIn is one of the main tools recruiters use to find professionals. I go over what you need to do to your own LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you.

How to Find and Target Specific Companies

I tell you where you can go to research companies in your area who might be searching for someone like you and how you can contact them.

If you follow all the advice I provide in this tool kit, I can guarantee that your job search will be more productive.

To get your free TOOL KIT, CLICK HERE.

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