101 Ways to Find a Job – Way #1 Make a List

This is a new series I’m starting for my Monday posts. Each Monday I’ll add another way to find a job.

#1 Way to Find a Job – Make a List of What You Want


Before you begin searching for a job, make sure you have a good idea of the position you want. Before you start reviewing job boards, make a list of the following items:

Title of Positions 

Make a list of the different titles for positions you’re interested in.  Keep in mind that companies can call the same position  by different titles.  For example, some companies will call a Software Application Engineer by Software Engineer or Applications Engineer. Conducting a brief search of the job boards will give you an idea of the different titles.


Do you want to work in high-tech, services, government contracting?  Every industry has their own pros and cons.  Do some research to find out what industry is right for you based on your likes and dislikes.

Size of Company

Decide if you want to work for a start-up, mid-sized, or large company.  Your decision will most likely be based on the amount of autonomy you need.  Start-ups rarely have a lot of procedures where as large companies have a lot of procedures and it can sometimes take a long time to get a decision.


Decide what your limits are related to your commute or relocation.


If you spend time listing this information before you start searching, you’ll find that your search will be more productive and will expedite your time to a new job. .

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