101 Ways to Find a Job – Way #6 Talking


I entitled this article talking instead of networking because as soon as you say the ‘n’ word, people freeze. To some, it’s the same feeling as being in school and the teacher announcing a pop quiz. Dread, nerves, and anxiety take over.

So don’t think of it as networking. Think of it as talking to one another.  We all do that, right? How’s the weather? What do you do for a living? How about that game last night? Do you know of any jobs? Simple and easy questions that get you talking and can quite possibly land you a job.

Where do you start?

Anywhere and with everyone!

When you’re unemployed you need to be talking to anyone and everyone.  Remember, you’re not just talking to one person.  You’re talking to that person’s network as well. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell people you’re looking for a job.  There’s nothing wrong with being unemployed.

Recently there has been a lot of chatter among recruiters how hiring managers don’t want to consider the unemployed worker thinking that if a person is unemployed they aren’t worthy of a job.  All I can say is that karma is real.  At some point even hiring managers are going to be on the street looking.  I’m guessing they’ll change their tune at that point in time.  EVERYONE, will be looking for a job multiple times during their working career. In fact, some surveys report workers will change jobs as many as 11 times during their working lifetime.

Following are some other ideas how to go about networking and talking to other professionals who can help you land your next job.

Groups that are focused on job networking – there are numerous groups in any community that exist for the primary purpose of networking and support while you look for your next job.The main thing you want to make sure of is that the group is being supportive of your situation.  Some groups might have a lot of negative energy regarding unemployment.  That’s the last place you need to be.  You want to be with others who exude a positive energy regarding being unemployed and finding new employment. The other thing you want to make sure of is that the group is actively involved with job hunting.  You don’t want to spend a couple of hours getting together with nothing to show for it. When you’re looking for a job, you want to spend your time wisely and focused on the end results of becoming employed.

I typed in the following search strings into google and came up with a number of groups in my area to join.

Networking Groups Denver
Jobs Networking Groups Denver
Denver Business Networking Events
Professional Networking Events Denver
Job Search Networking Groups

Meet-up Groups – Basically meet-ups are groups of individuals who share the same interest, in technology, programming languages, extra-curricular activities, etc.  These groups are especially good to network with because these are individuals in your specific space.  To locate groups, you can either google meet-up groups and then your location, or go to Meetup.com.  This is a company that does a great job consolidating meet-up calendars and groups and there’s no fee to join.

Professional Associations – There is an association for almost every profession. Professional associations are groups of individuals who are doing the job you want.  What better way to find your next job.  To find an association or society for your profession you can either conduct a google search, or you can go to the library and look in the Encyclopedia of Associations.  Find a local chapter and attend a meeting and talk, talk, talk.  Let members know that you’re looking for a job.  Often you’ll find recruiters attending the meeting as well.

There are plenty of surveys that report talking with people will land you a job more quickly than any other method use to search for a job and I believe it.  It’s how I’ve landed most of my jobs.

So get out there and talk, talk, talk!


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