About Me


Hi Everyone!

I’ve been in recruiting for 20 years.

During that time I’ve recruited thousands of professionals in all kinds of professions at all levels of the company. From administrative assistants to CFO’s. From individual contributors to managers and directors.

I’ve also been a recruiting manager. I’ve worked in a start-up, mid-sized companies all the way to a Fortune 500 company representing many different industries including medical device, aerospace, manufacturing, science, and insurance.

From working on the inside I can share the tips and tricks that will get your foot in the door.

Over the years I’ve coached professionals on what to say and not to say in an interview. I’ve looked at thousands of resumes and can advise you on what you should have in your resume to get you noticed and what will get you screened out. I can advise you on how to conduct your career search to get that next job. In addition, I’ve used social media to locate those perfect candidates and can help you update your social media to enhance your chance of being found. When you get your offer, I can help you negotiate your offer, too. I’ve negotiated hundreds of offers.

Part of my website and blog will also be devoted to helping the younger person figure out their career path. I’ve managed an intern program before and I love working with the young professional.

For a full list of my services, check out my  Services Offered.

For a list of my courses, check out my Courses Offered.

Contact me at:

Email: laura@laurakreynolds.com

Phone: 303-507-4910

Connect with me on Twitter at @reynoldslaurak

I look forward to helping you on your career journey!

Laura K Reynolds

If you would like for me to get in touch with you, please complete the following form:

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