Fun Things To Do

NASA Kids Club fun interactive games and more.

The STEM Laboratory  has great project ideas for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second graders.

123Homeschool4Me 18 Solar System Projects

Fun at Home With Kids make elephant toothpaste

Fun-A-Day 14 Engineering Projects

Free Home School Deals 100 Engineering Projects

Project BudBurst is a Citizen Science project where tens of thousand of kids and adults of all ages participate each year in a project to track the leafing, flowering and fruiting phases of plants. The site walks you through how to collect and log your data. This is a great opportunity to start learning about ecological sciences.

Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute is a Citizen Science project where you can download a free app from NASA and conduct detail explorations of the lunar surface the the moon. Available data includes slope maps, rock and hazard maps, gravity maps, mineralogy maps, and imagery from Apollo missions.

NASA  Citizen Science projects that include helping astronomers search other galaxies for discs of dust of debris looking for other solar systems, collect cloud data for scientists, assist scientists in studying Mars, and many more projects.

Scientific American provides lots of Citizen Science projects.

National Geographic also provides a listing of some fun Citizen Science projects.

National Wildlife Federation has information on Citizen Science projects with butterflies, birds, frogs, and more.

Left Brain Craft Brain projects for STEM, Art, Build, Food, Games, Music, Nature, and Sensory

Little Bins for Little Hands 20 LEGO projects

Steam Powered Family a fun activity to learn about electric circuits. (not for small children without parental guidance.)

Around the Kampfire writing project to learn about science 

Learning at the Primary Pond writing projects for K – 2

What Do We Do All Day  how to write a journal

What Do We Do All Day science activities for kids

Erintegration how to create a digital book using Google Slide

Kids Science Challenge – 40 fun science projects

PBS Kids – tons of projects, videos in the following categories: electricity, force/energy, green, health, simple machines, sound/music, space/transportation, sports/games, structures, and technology/materials.