Free Job Search Tools


List of Professional Associations with Job Boards – Here’s a list of Professional Associations that have job boards. If you would like for me to add any others to the list please leave me a comment.



Core Competency Interview Questions and Answers– List of 12 of the most common competencies jobs require and related interview questions with suggested answers.

List of Questions to Ask at the Interview – It’s important to ask questions at the interview. This is your time to find out about the culture of the company and the financial stability of the company.  In addition, it’s the one and only time to find out if the hiring manager has any concerns about you.



Resume Template – College New Grad

Resume Template – Mid Career (5-15 years)

Resume Template – Late Season Career (In excess of 15 years)

Cover Letter Template



List of Action Verbs Page 1

List of Action Verbs Page 2



Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet – Use this spreadsheet to keep track of the jobs you’re applying to and any interviews. Keeping track of your progress as you search for a job will give you confidence that you’re making progress. If you approach looking for a job like having a job, you’ll get the job before you know it. Make it a goal to apply to 3-5 companies a day.



Career Plan Step by step instructions how to Develop a Career Plan.



Job Offer Checklist – Use this checklist to gather the information you’ll need to decide if the offer is right for you. 



These tool kits include the best job boards, customized Boolean search strings, professional associations, staffing firms, networking forums, social media recommendations, and company research methods focused on obtaining employment in the respective fields.

Computer, Software, and Information Technology Jobs 

Architecture and Engineering Jobs

Procurement, Buyer, Supply Chain, and Logistics Jobs

Accounting, Finance, Budget, Payroll, and Cash Management Jobs